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Optimism and change: Financial sector outlook

Here we illustrate Financial Services’ position vis-à-vis the broader economy, seeking to unveil the sector’s priorities for 2024 and explore how business leaders are addressing...

IFRS17 and its impact on the Insurance sector

IFRS17, also known as the International Financial Reporting Standard 17, is a set of accounting standards developed by the IASB. They represent a significant overhaul...

Where are you on the AI maturity curve?

Where are you on the AI maturity curve? Benchmark your business against our Global survey data on AI adoption using our self-assessment tool.

Transaction Outlook 2024

As we enter 2024, the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) landscape is on the cusp of change, driven by transformative trends that present strategic opportunities.  

AI trends to watch in 2024

2023 saw the meteoric rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) — the novel technology used to create new content and ideas. We identify the top...

An international focus

BEAU HLB is member of the international network HLB INTERNATIONAL. When providing international advice, BEAU HLB maintains a close relationship with its foreign offices and in this way, BEAU HLB offers top-level advice worldwide. BEAU HLB is capable of effectively structuring and supervising both domestic and international matters.

A requirement for quality

BEAU HLB is affiliated to professional organizations (Treuhand Suisse, RAKEZ, ACRA) and to its self-regulating bodies (AML), as a guarantee of integrity and adherence to the highest international standards of professional ethics, while making us subject to regular quality assessments.

Fiduciary services are a matter of trust. Companies and private individuals expect their fiduciary partner to demonstrate a high level of professional skills and personal integrity.

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