Audit & Assurance

Consistently high audit quality is a key prerequisite for gaining and maintaining your business partners’ trust in your financial information. Our audit and assurance services are designed to facilitate tailoring to a particular client’s operations and financial reporting requirements, as well as a particular country’s professional requirements.

BEAU HLB provides a widest range of audit services, including the revision of accounts, ensuring regulatory compliance, establishing proper procedures and creating a company dashboard through management of treasury, budgeting and corporate governance functions.

We engage a continuous dialogue with our clients in order to help them set out their goals and we are at their side as they grow and undertake important transactions, ranging from mergers to debentures to liquidation.


  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with international and local standards such as Swiss law, SWISS GAAP (RPC), IFRS, US GAAP)

  • Coordination of international engagements

  • Assistance in drafting mandatory reports and financial statements

  • Internal audit outsourcing

  • Assistance and advisory in case of company restructuring : merger, acquisition, debenture, restructuring 8assessment of business , goodwill, etc.)

  • Due diligence

  • Accounting expertise

  • Judicial expertise

  • Market, credit, structural and operational risk management

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