Cem Unal

Vice Director, Head of AUDIT

About Cem Unal 

After attending the Geneva Hotel School, Cem continued his training in the field of accounting and finance and obtained his Federal Certificate in 2009.

He carried out personal projects as a freelancer before strengthening his professional experience in the field of accounting with various groups based in French-speaking Switzerland. Cem Unal was soon entrusted with positions as head of the accounting departments where he works.

With 15 years of experience in accounting, notably with watch manufacturers, financial and trading companies, he obtains in 2013 the approval of the Swiss Federal Audit Supervision Authority (ASR).

During his mandates, he has been in charge of the audit of various companies for which he has audited accounts as well as the audit of financial intermediaries in accordance with MLA and professional ethics rules. Cem Unal also exercises a compliance function. He has an extensive knowledge of trusts and in particular hedge funds.

In 2016, he joins the BEAU HLB Group as head of the BEAU HLB (AUDIT) SA entity and provides compliance advice with regard to national and international regulations. He has been managing this entity since its development and also participates in the development of the group through the HLB network.

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Areas of expertise

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Audit & Assurance



Certification ACCA

ASR Certified Auditor, 2013

Diplôme de formateur d’apprentis, Genève, 2012

Federal Certificate of Specialist in Accounting and Finance, 2009

Hotel School of Geneva, 1999

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