Stephane Woestelandt

Vice-Director, Head of
ASIA practice

About Stephane Woestelandt

Stephane Woestelandt has almost 15 years of extensive experience working in the consulting sector in Switzerland and Singapore.

Stephane is a citizen of France. He studied there up to secondary level, and then was admitted to a higher mathematics degree in one of the prestigious "French engineering schools". After completing his university studies, Mr. Woestelandt joined the French army as a professional, serving as a helicopter pilot for 4 years.

Following this experience, Stephane joined the bank BCV in Switzerland (Lausanne), where he specialized in the financing of commodity trading operations (trade finance). In 2003, he joined for 7 years the Energo Impex group, which became Highlander International, a significant player in the trading of petroleum products in Switzerland (Geneva), as financial director.

In 2010, Stephane joined Beau HLB first in Switzerland to take responsibility for our GEMS and PCS service lines, as well as to help commercially to develop the group through its network and his experience in the world of trading. Stephane implemented the Beau HLB office in Singapore in 2012, before taking full time responsibility of this office in 2014, leading a team of 4 chartered accountants and corporate secretary specialists.

Stephane serves various practice of the firm dealing in particular with all matters related to the incorporation of Singapore companies, commercial aspects, banking and the assistance of our clients, especially the ones involve in the domain of commodity trading and aviation. Stéphane is a board member of member in various major companies active in these areas of practice.

Areas of expertise


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ESME, Paris, 1995

ESTACA, Levallois, 1994

ISTAT – International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

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